Posted by: Wendy Norris | September 21, 2009

Elevate your career

Steve Buttry recently posted some excellent advice for boosting career prospects in challenging times at his blog, Pursuing the Complete Community Connection.

Though he focuses on journalism jobs, many of Buttry’s suggestions are universally sound tips for expanding your skill set, specifically identifying your own career goals and predicting new opportunities in any job sector.

A lot of us are facing unprecedented challenges that call for some pretty unconventional strategies for finding and applying for jobs in a really tight employment market. And that’s especially true for those of us with a great career track record who have never had difficulty landing positions.

It’s easy to get discouraged and it’s okay to acknowledge that. It kinda sucks out there right now.

But give Buttry’s tips a read and drop a note here on how you might be able to creatively apply them to your own career search.



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